Service Innovation

Voogt Service Innovation is working on an entrepreneurial, service-oriented and innovative economy and society.

Real innovative solutions usually manifest themselves through the introduction of a new service and through entrepreneurship. Service innovations (which are often technologically advanced) often lead alongside economic change also to cultural, sustainable and social change. Innovative services are therefore the transformative power for system transitions in industry, agriculture, government, service sectors themselves and in society. This creates new growth, activities of higher added-value, more jobs at every level and greater well-being.

We are an independent company that helps governments, businesses and institutions to benefit from these developments. We do this through our experience with policy advice and evaluation, management and innovation practice.

What we do

We develop and offer the knowledge to transform businesses, sectors and regions into new prosperity and wellbeing. We do this by capitalising on service innovation and entrepreneurship as the driver for structural reforms, growth and jobs. In our work we use a new blend of five competences including creativity, business and new ways of policy making.

Policy for service innovation and entrepreneurship.

We offer governments and other stakeholders the knowledge how innovation, service innovation and entrepreneurship can contribute to solving economic and societal challenges. You can stimulate this by offering good services and a coherent package of policy measures that meet the needs of the SME. And you can offer an environment where the entrepreneur keeps the necessary control to innovate well and responsibly. We offer you advice, evaluation and management. 

Management and creation of service innovations in individual organisations

We enhance the productivity, competitiveness and growth of individual organisations by the creation of innovative service concepts. These organisations can be manufacturing companies or private and public service providers. The expertise we offer is twofold. We advise for, build or manage an open service innovation environment. Secondly, we collaborate with your stakeholders and clients to design a service strategy and create service innovations. This means a process starting with formulating the innovation focus and conducting research to uncover latent clients needs. After that we facilitate the generation of new ideas. We finish with the design of an innovative service strategy and new or improved service concepts.

Research and development for service innovation

In addition to the above mentioned research in innovation projects, we carry out additional research and development. We do this in areas as service innovation, service design and design research. We also look for potential service innovations in top sectors and programs such as Horizon 2020. Furthermore, we explore important challenges in the market and society, and develop a picture of the underlying factors. Through further research and experimentation this can lead to new knowledge, innovation models and service concepts. With our accumulated knowledge we offer governments and businesses tailor-made training, workshops or lectures. For example, we provided a guest lecture at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and a lecture at the Delft University of Technology.

Who we work for

Voogt Service Innovation offers our experience and knowledge to governments, sectors, businesses and not-for-profit organisations. These can be existing sectors, emerging sectors, established organisations or start-ups. Sectors and themes we are particularly focusing on are:

  • Health, wellbeing, tourism
  • Business services, financial services
  • Manufacturing industry, agrofood, transport
  • Public services, social services

Our projects

Raymond Voogt earned a Master degree in Industrial Design Engineering from the Delft University of Technology in 1994. After that he worked in innovation, sales and management in various service sectors. This included the launch of a sector-oriented innovation platform and the management of a sector-oriented innovation centre. Subjects in which Raymond gained a lot of experience are microcredits, staffing & employment, inland navigation, construction, logistics, health care, housing corporations and others.

After this, Raymond founded his company Voogt Service Innovation in 2010 to further focus on service innovation and new policies for innovation and entrepreneurship. In recent years, Raymond is also an independent (policy) expert for innovation and entrepreneurship in SMEs, such as national expert for the Netherlands in the SME Performance Review (including the Small Business Act) in the 2014 edition (reference period 2013 until Q1 of 2014) up to and including the 2017 edition (reference period 2016 until Q1 of 2017) of DG Grow of the European Commission. Raymond is not a member of any political party.

Who we are

Voogt Service Innovation is a company founded in 2010 by Raymond Voogt Msc (Rotterdam, 1971). Our modern office in Harderwijk is located adjacent to the house.